Panasonic In-Ear Headphone sold estimated 4 million pieces at 9.24$ on amazon

Panasonic  In-Ear Headphone, Black provides you with an ultimate in style comfort and listening pleasure. The remarkable black ultra –soft Ergofit in-ear bud conform instantly into your ears and with its eight vivid fashion color options with color matching ear buds and cords you simply can’t miss your match. The fantastic wider frequency response lets you enjoy fuller listening enjoyment and the startling 3.6 fort cord threads comfortably through clothing and bugs. This product is a definite value for your money, with 9.24$ on amazon ,with saving of 5.76$ !

Panasonic In-Ear Headphone_$

who is Panasonic In-Ear Headphone for?

1). Great for people with small earholes and have not been able to find ear buds that fit and don’t cause pain.

2).You can use it while exercising, running and biking, the best part is they don’t fall out when you are doing this activities

3). If one wants a wide color range of headphones to pick from then this is the perfect product with its nine vivid fashion color options.

4).These headphones are fantastically clear in the human speaking voice range you can listen to you podcasts at a much lower volume than other earphones

5).You can listen to quality soothing music on a sleep timer at night when you are about to sleep.

6).The headphones deliver dynamic, crystal clear sound while at the same time blocking ambient noise making it the ultimate choice for quality sound.

Panasonic In-Ear Headphone_2

Why is it worth to buy?


Here is my dime and sixpence on this superlative eight dollar ear buds, they are more precise in the midrange which is amazing. The bass is very prominent and articulate and if you have a portable without bass enhancement they will do you just fine.

This little ear buds do an amazing job at sound reproduction when you stream Netflix or Amazon video you can hear everything clearly that makes you have a good feeling of ‘action’.

For the price, one would expect average performance at its best however it has a wide tonal range much better than most headphones.


Because of the fit of the ear bud into the ear canal, it does block out some noise. One can just keep one of the ear buds in for the music while still paying attention to the environment.

Panasonic In-Ear Headphone do a decent job at keeping the audio localized meaning if you are jamming music at full blast, the sound will leak from the earphones but not too much.

You can be listening to music at somewhat large scale and no one around you can hear it at all.


The fit is perfect for the ears. Very ergonomic as the bud rests nicely in the concha (bowl-shaped cavity) of the ear, cradles by the integral notch-like a snug hug.

The ear pads insert easily into place for a gentle cushioned feel, loosely ‘locking’ into place very naturally.You can wear it for long hours at times without aching of the ear or hint of tension so the comfort is definitely there. During running and walking they rarely fall out.

Panasonic In-Ear Headphone comes with three different sized removal ear bud covers that help create a seal inside the year so the sound quality is fuller. You may switch around and try them out and then decide which suit the most comfortable in your ears.


There are so many headphone brand names that sometimes you forget about the really inexpensive cheap looking ones because you don’t think they will ever compare to many other ear buds that cost $75 $100 $ 150, they sound as good as any of them.

For only $8 one could afford to sweat a few of these and replace them whenever needed. You really can’t get a better deal so if you really have no money to spend, get these.

One can easily go 1500 miles in a year, 4 pairs of new balance shoes, 2 iPod shuffles, 3 pairs of sunglasses and still have the same set of ear buds still sounding great.

They get rolled and tossed in bags everyday but no tears, no loose wires and ear pads are intact. It definitely can stand the mild abuse.


Panasonic In-Ear Headphone enables you express individuality while enjoying your favorite music. With nine color variations you will find something that suits your days outfit, your audio player and most of all your mood


A comfort length, 3.6 foot cord is convenient since it provides the flexibility and comfort needed for an active day.

This design helps the earphones to be comfortably threaded through a jacket, bag or back pack.

Conclusive & Recommendation 

Panasonic In-Ear Headphone, Black reviews here are taken from the real feedback of its verified purchasers, after enjoying the exceptional quality, 80% of them leave a good/ great or Love/like comment, and significant amount of them have become the repeat buyers and/or make it a gift to their beloved ones



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