Project Alarm Clock Review a worth buy on amazon

Project Alarm Clock from Electrohome is intended to give you convenience and reliability whereas its amazing modern design is nothing short of beautiful. This advanced alarm clock automatically sets the time and date and saves all your alarm settings when the power goes out. With its projection display, a large backlit LCD with dimming options, dual alarms, temperature display and the ability to play your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player music, this is the best alarm clock you will ever get in this world. It will definitely wake you up on the right side of the bed.

Project Alarm Clock_2
Project Alarm Clock

Who is this for ?

1) Recommended for places located in regions that receive frequent lightning strikes. The battery backup is very useful in such areas.

2 It is the perfect alarm for perpetual snoozers.

3) It projects time on the wall and the ceiling. For instance if you are a mum with a little baby and whenever the baby wakes up at night you barely have time to look for the clock or even have to feel around for your phone to check time.

4). I would suggest it to someone in the market for a feature-rich alarm clock with a plug.

5).You can also use it as a source of light to maneuver the room since the LED is bright enough to be a ‘nite-lite’

6).Its built in thermometer is quite useful in helping people maintain a comfortable temperature in the room vs relying on the central thermostat which might be all down the hallway.

7).If you are looking for an alarm clock with larger numbers in blue, this is a perfect one. Most alarm clocks have small numbers in red or green.

Project Alarm Clock_6

Why is it worth to buy ?


The dual alarms are quite convenient, one is set for Monday to Friday and another for weekends so you don’t have to manually change the time every week and rest assured the time is accurate. You have an option of setting the alarm everyday Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or just one day a week.

This smart alarm is pre-configured with the correct time, all you need to do is specify your time zone and it will always be accurate.

A cool feature is that it self- sets after power goes out thanks to its incredible Daylight Savings Time.


You can listen to your music using your iPhone, iPad, Android or MP3 device through the 3.5 mm AUX input or using the built in AM/FM radio with digital tuning and 20 station memory.


It is so awesome to not have to turn towards the alarm clock to see the time in the event of waking up in the middle of the night. The projection feature is able to project time on your wall or ceiling so that you don’t have to fight covers, pillows, pets or your spouse to get up to see the time on the clock across the room.

Unlike some other models that project on the wall or ceiling which when you lay down shows the time facing backwards, this alarm clock has a button that flips the projection 180 degrees which is so easy and quite useful. If you want the time on the wall to be smaller, just push the clock further back on the table.

Another great feature that is worth loving is the temperature display, it is very accurate. It can act as an arbitrator between you and your spouse when setting the thermostat.


You have to absolutely love this alarm clock, it’s loud enough to wake you up even from another room. Most alarm clocks buzzers are hugely annoying but this one is not that bad. It starts out quiet and gradually gets louder and more persistent, so it sorts of gradually wakes you up. You can set the volume of the alarm that suits your ears.

The time on the screen is very large and very easy to read therefore you don’t really strain your eyes, even those people with terrible eye sight see quite well.


The clock works well and looks good too. Taking the clock out of the packaging you notice it looks nice and clean.The general button functions like turning the alarms on and off, snooze, radio on/off, dimmer and the projection are quite simple and easy to find once you know where they are at.

The alarm clock offers a large, crystal clear 3.6 blue LCD display that can be dimmed to adjust to your brightness preference. The front display shows the room temperature in either C or F. You can also turn off both displays for total darkness something available in very few clock radios.

It is also well corded which avoids you the hustle of buying batteries. The clock also allows for 24-hour mode which is how some people prefer time.


I am sure many people search for alarm clocks that would wake them up in the morning with the radio and I am glad to say you have reached the final destination.

It has an AM and FM antenna attached and the radio sounds much clearer than other clock radios. The radio is really convenient, you can use it to listen to weather forecasts.

There are tons of spots to preprogram the radio station more than anyone could actually need and this alarm clock has proved to pick up hard to get stations.

Conclusive & Recommendation 

Project Alarm Clock  from Electrohome reviews  here are taken from the real feedback of its verified purchasers, after enjoying the exceptional quality, 81% of them leave a good/ great or Love/like comment, and significant amount of them have become the repeat buyers and/or make it a gift to their beloved ones

Further to know Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set, Dual Alarm, Nap/Sleep Timer, Indoor Temperature/Day/Date Display with Dimming, 3.5mm Audio Connection


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