The Best Lightning Cable from Anker

Anker PowerLine +Lightning Cable from Anker with its Anker advantage and fast charging may be just the last cable you will ever require. It has an exceptional tensile strength and its customized cable length lets you adjust cable length to any length .This is the ultimate heavy-duty charging cable and the best part it’s now better looking, stronger and faster than ever. Anker has definitely delivered a top notch product with packaging and presentation to the match. Lightning Cable_6

 who is  Lightning Cable for?

1) Its 6ft length is brilliant especially for kids who love using their phones in their beds as they charge them .Instagram and Snapchat could not possibly wait until the phones are charged.

2) It is really good for travelling because of its very neat carrying case which lets you use it for distances without having to worry about it hanging there.

3) Considering how flimsy most connectors are, this one is built to withstand twist and turns and therefore really good for cars.

4). Works very well with iPhones and iPad charging bases and charges both devices perfectly, it fits into them quite securely.

5) Recommended for people who end up fraying the edges of their cords (where the cord meets the connector).

6) When quality, durability and aesthetics matter this is the cable you should consider, you will indisputably have no regrets.

Lightning Cable_5

Why is this lightning cable worth to buy?


This version is particularly masculine in a ‘’don’t mess with me, I’m Spider Man ‘’ type of way.

The double-braided nylon exterior, toughened aramid fiber core and laser-welded connectors equips PowerLine+ with superior toughness from end to end. The cables themselves are hefty without being heavy and also well built, with the extra shielding and nylon braiding they resist kinks and crimps brilliantly.

Both necks (where normal cables tend to pinch, crack or separate) are strongly reinforced.

A Perfect cable for those who destroy normal ones. You finally get a cable that will hold up to the destruction of what can be thrown at it.

This is a sturdy cable with a larger, studier housing surrounding lighting plug in.


The cable itself is made of a Kevlar core, surrounded by nylon braiding. This construction makes the cable very durable. It is so durable you can bend it right at the joint all you want and it will still hold very strongly.

The plastic cables you normally get tend to wear poorly over time if you are constantly on the go. This will handle quite well over time.

This product is proven to last at least 6 times as long as other cables and with its reinforced stress point, 6000+ bend lifespan plus an 18-month warranty, you can’t go wrong.

It is simply one of the most durable cables ever.


An innovative felt carry pouch allows you to adjust cable length to suit any situation.

The 6 ft cables are a smart choice since shorter lengths limit ‘while charging’ use can cause phone drops from laps and furniture arms.

This length is perfect for long trips because it can easily reach from a console-located charger to the backseat and even better it is perfect for attaching to a mobile charge in a back pack.

This fantastic length gives you enough freedom to maneuver the placement of your IPhone anywhere near by without much fear of yanking it off a shelf if you turn or move.

Always remember to wind up the PowerLine+ inside the pouch to avoid cables trailing across the floor.


Anker has probably the best customer service in the world. It is your definite go to name for replacement power cables, power adapters and power banks. Their products are always top-notch quality and their customer support is incredible.

If your cable starts failing you can report it to them and they will definitely agree to send you a replacement cable when it is still under warranty, all you need is the serial number of the cable which is found on a tag that is tied to the cable.


They took a note on packaging from Apple, they don’t skimp out. Once you get it open you find a wool felt-like mastering folded with magnetic closure and a very nice cord inside which is attached to the case with a small Velcro strap.

Quite frankly this makes it fell next level quality when you fold up your cable and tuck it inside the cover versus rolling your cable in a ball and stuffing it somewhere else.

Some will think it’s silly to carry the cable on this little case but it comes in very handy. The case prevents this cable from the attacks of other items sharing a pocket with them.

The colors are different and eye popping which lets you keep your cables a bit more organized.

An even greater surprise it works even with the case on. That is undoubtedly amazing.


What can I say? Anker comes through yet again. You definitely get more than what you paid for. There really isn’t any other cable that comes close to Anker in terms of durability, they are remarkably flexible and capable of being coiled for storage.

Pair all this with the fact that the Powerline series of cables ensures you get the maximum current and get a cable that is both ultra-tough and allows for very fast charging.

This is the kind of quality that’s solidified Anker as the go to brand when ordering anything electronic accessory related.

Conclusive & Recommendation 

The Best Lightning Cable-Anker PowerLine +Lighting Cable reviews here are taken from the real feedback of its verified purchasers, after enjoying the exceptional quality, 90% of them leave a good/ great or Love/like comment, and significant amount of them have become the repeat buyers and/or make it a gift to their beloved ones.

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