CamelBak eddy .75L Water Bottle Not perfect, but still favorite

The camelbak eddy bottle is another health conscious water storage facility used for storing water of all temperature (cold and hot) comes in handy, courtesy of the loop handle. The 75l sized water bottle notwithstanding the size is still light weighted to an extent you can fasten it to your waist using the loop handle. The latest spill proof technology conserves and prevents water from spilling off. To crown it all it is made with eco-friendly and BPA free.

Who is this for ?

Water is life and finds its way in everything we do, both in cooking good food, washing clothes and hydrating the body. The camelbak eddy bottle still serves some purposes and some people in the below listed category;

  • If you become dehydrated quickly just as everyone do especially during summer when the sun is hot and water in the body leaves in the form of sweat. The best and fastest way to rehydrate the body is simply to drink from water stored in the camelback water bottle which is readily available.
  • The basic and primary use of water bottle is to store water most especially the drinking water. In offices and place of work people make use of water bottle which has a spill proof to store their drinking water. This protects documents and files in offices from getting wet.
  • In a football pitch, the players make use of the camelback water bottle to keep hydrating themselves at every given break or injury time during the match.
  • This water bottle is perfect for nursing mothers to feed the child water. The child can drink from the nozzle by just suckling on it. It is also safe because it is BPA free.

camelback eddy bottle_3

Why is it worth to buy ?

1)Big sized:

The 75l sized water bottle contains a whole lot of water. The amount of water stored in the bottle can serve the house hold in occasions for a day.

2)Lightweight design:

Unlike some other water bottles the camelback eddy water bottle is so light and very easy to carry about. It is not heavy and with the help of the loop handle, anyone who wishes can fasten it like a seat belt to his waist or belt.

3) BPA free:

For the records BPA is a chemical that leaches out the plastic used in the interior part of the water bottle. This BPA washes off the plastic which ends up mixing with the water stored in it. This makes it unfit for consumption “BUT” the camelback eddy bottle water is free of the chemical BPA.

4) Cost effective and inexpensive price:

Considering all what the water bottle is made of, it is worth thousands of dollars, but this is not the case as it concerns the camelbak eddy bottle. With just $10.46 You can get the 75L sized water bottle.

5) Easily accessible:

The nature of the camelbak eddy bottle makes it easy for users to access it where ever they may be. Courtesy of the loop handle and the light weight design technology.

camelback eddy bottle_2


I am a living witness to what and how the eddy camel back water bottle has been helping mothers and others stay hydrated always. Using this product I have saved thousands of dollars I must have used in buying bottle water and spending in hospital due to contaminated water. My gratitude to the makers of such wonderful product.

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