LifeStraw Personal Water Filter-A must have for any outdoor excursion

The award winning life straw is one of the world greatest inventions of all times. Amazed with the life straw that is chemical free and can filter out bacteria and different impurities excluding chemicals (liquid) salt, heavy metals and the rest. The life straw is a very nice invention that is very light weighted and a perfect tool for travelers, cycklist, marathon bikers and many others. IT takes just less than 3-5 seconds to filter the water and make it fit for consumption.


Whenever I mention life straw mean life, Water is a life and the equipment that helps life is life straw. I find it very useful to all and very important to anyone that has come of age;

  • If you travel a lot, most especially tourist, There comes a time and place you get and no clean water supply and your water bottle is dry. There is always a river around but unclean. All you have to do is bring out your life straw and drink from the river to your taste.
  • The very reason of life straw is to filter water therefore a fisherman will find no other reason to carry water bottle, all he needs to take along is the life straw in the boat.
  • Every training ground should have a life straw. Training grounds such as the army and the scout is always located in secluded areas, therefore life straw will be useful in all training grounds incases the need arises.
  • In every country there is disasters, the government should distribute the life straw to everyone in the environment if there is no reliable drinking water supply. Life straw will save cost and help in such place.
  • I love camping so much with family, in every tent I have a life straw, my household and sons, and everyone that loves camping should be friends with life straw.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter_9



This is the first thing that comes to mind when life straw is mentioned it can sit there by your pocket or backpack and you don’t feel a thing. It is very portable and very easy to carry anywhere you go. I will say it is very handy. For the record it weighs just 200z


the life straw is very efficient that it removes completely the water borne bacteria. It removes 99.9% of bacteria from the water making it fit for drinking. Its efficiency scales up to the amount of water if filters. Approximately 1000liters excluding some impurities.

3)Easy water flow:

The life straw is made with amazing design it allows easy water flow through the filter within 3-5 seconds of sucking water is already flowing.

4)Impeccable quality:

The life straw is of high quality. Made of chemical free materials and last longs. This feature makes the filtered water in the pipe fit for consumption.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter_11


The life straw is an awesome and highest invention of our time. Virtually everyone should make of it to stay alive and healthy.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter_10

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