Essential Oil Diffuser with 6328 reviews on Amazon for $19.95

Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty is that product you undoubtedly get obsessed with. The diffuser prides a low water level auto cut off and a 100 ml water tank capacity that can continue 3-5 hours according to different modes. Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty has a beautiful LED lamp with 7 stunning colors that keep changing or stay in one color. Its ultrasonic waves instantly vaporize water and essential oil in the tank. This diffuser is winning in almost everything, I wouldn’t think twice buying it.

To whom, and where it is used for:

1).Anyone who wants to keep his/her sinuses in check should give this one a shot. The oil is able to open up your sinuses so you can breathe well again.
2).Good for your bedroom, when you sleep like a rock you wake up in the morning feeling super refreshed.
3).A good remedy for insomnia. Aroma therapy is able to work with sleep related issues such as insomnia.
4).One can use it as a night light when it is not used as a diffuse. Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty can be pretty bright on certain LED settings and you can use it to read or watch television.
5).It works well with small to medium sized rooms.
6).Everyone needs stress relief and one element of that is creating a peaceful environment especially in the bedroom which is why this diffuser is a must have.
7).If you want a quiet diffuse then this will be your favorite pick because it is whisper silent.
8).Highly recommended for people with generalized anxiety disorder. You will never regret using this little buddy
9) Works great in a car if you use an inverter so you can have a refreshing feel during your road trips.

Why it is worth to buy:


Anything that changes colors is always eye catching and you definitely have to have it. Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty one has more colors of a rainbow than any other diffuser.

There is a button at the front which will provide you with the wide range of intense and vibrant lights. It is quite relaxing for someone to watch the rotating lights and get peaceful at night. You can turn the lights off completely or for a fancier feel and company, one can use the warm color like a candle with a therapeutic not toxic light.


Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty is a powerhouse for being so small and using ultrasonic waves to give you a cool, dry fragrant mist. The diffuser has a 2 setting for dispersing the aroma: constant and intermittent intervals. When you use the intermittent mode with a full tank it runs for the whole night with about some milliliters still remaining while the constant mode last for around 5 hours.

The globe twists off so you can fill and drain the tank. The manual recommends you run a citrus/ water mix for 5 minutes every 3-4 uses, you can add lemon juice to water per the recommended amounts and run the mix once a week.

They put out a good amount of cool mist diffusing the essential oils as expected and work completely silently, all you hear is maybe an occasional sip of water into the diffusion mechanism.


Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty remains cool to the touch even with the color-changing LED lights running.
Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty holds up to 100 milliliters which can last you through the night on the intermittent setting. You can start it at 8 or 9 and it will still be running at 7 in the morning. The mist output is very steady as long as you do not overfill it.

This Essential Oil Diffuser is an important thing to have a diffuser that has a setting for it to stay for a couple of seconds and go off to let the body inhale it. This diffuser works the magic just fine.

A good thing is that it does not leave any residue, water or condensation on you electronic devices or your night stand, and requires just a few drops of essential oil which will save you huge money on oils.

The spout that emits the essential oil mist is angled on the side of the flattened top rather than straight up which is very safe if you are using it for sleep.


You will have no problem smelling it a minute after the diffuser starts, it works right away and you can certainly smell the oil. One can use 3-5 drops depending on how much to smell and it will work just fine.

I would advise everyone to have a variety scents to choose from depending on your mood.


To test the auto-shut off feature, you can run it on the constant setting and it will safely shut off once the tank is empty. It does beep two or three times before it shuts itself down.

Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty is comforting that you do not need to monitor and turn off the device. When in operation the light is green and when it has completed its cycle the light is red, indicating a refill is needed.


The physical design is sleek and beautiful and the top is an easy twist off. It allows you to access the inner water chamber for which you use the include measuring cup to fill to the line easily marked on the internal vessel.

After that, it is your choice of essential oils to add to the water chamber that will diffuse the cool mist over time. Screw the lid back on, then press one of the two buttons that starts the machine. Within a few seconds you will start to see a fine cool aromatic mist generally rise from the diffuser. It is that simple

You should wipe or rinse out the oil at the bottom when cleaning that way it doesn’t build up.


It is so affordable and it will make you convinced that it is as good as the expensive diffusers. The diffuser has more features than you expect for the price. It goes for only $20, that is not a lot of money to pinch off your packets for a quality diffuser.

Conclusive & Recommendation

Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty will be one of your favorite purchases. One feels so relaxed and refreshed every time you turn the beauty on. The oils smell great and a few drops go a very long way. They diffuse wonderfully and are so calming. I would recommend it as your go-to on stressful days.

Reviews after reviews, people are wowing about this product. Don’t be left out, get yourself this amazing product and be part of the wowed crowd.

Amazon Likin Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser 7 colors – 120 ml Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier for Aromatherapy with changing Colored LED Lights, Portable, Waterless Auto Shut-off and Adjustable Mist mode

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