iPhone Screen Protector Glass from amFilm sold over 2 million on amazon for 7.99$ (2-Pack)

IPhone Screen Protector amFilm is the latest in state-of-the-art screen protection technology. The iPhone Screen Protector glass prides its ultra-thinness that promises not to interfere with the sensitivity of your apple iPhone screen and its strong 9H provides you with the best screen protection for iPhone 7,6S and 6. It also features a 99.9% transparency to give you the best viewing experience and to top it all you get a life time warranty. This is certainly a must have for your Apple iPhone.

iPhone Screen Protector amFilm Tempered_1

To whom, and where it is used for:

 1) If you want an easy screen protector glass to install then you should consider purchasing this one. After you follow the instructions to install, it will be bubble free and lined up perfectly.

2) I am sure you don’t want to deface your beautiful apple iPhone when it takes a head over heels tumble. Well, this screen protector glass is able to protect your iPhone when it falls.

3) The iPhone Screen Protector is a suitable iPhone screen protection from keys, coins and other things you might find in your pocket that may damage it.

4).Gives you peace of mind knowing that your apple iPhone is protected with a quality screen protector glass, you can also add a case to it to add more protection

5).The package comes with two screen protector glasses which is good for couples or for you to keep and use on your phone the next time you want to replace it.

6).This is an inexpensive way to provide screen protection for your phone, it is very affordable you will not feel even a pinch buying it.

iPhone Screen Protector amFilm Tempered_3

Why it is worth to buy:

1) Ultra Clear High Definition

The iPhone Screen Protector has an incredible high definition with 99.9% transparency that gives you an optimal, natural viewing experience. A great thing is that it is topped with oleo phobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

What amazes me with this screen protector glass is how clean it stays. In most screen protector glasses, if you have oily skin, the oil covers the screen after some use, it takes a lot of rubbing to get it off even when using a glass cleaning cloth. However, with this screen protector glass you can have it for many weeks and it will still look like it has never been handled.

2) Highly Durable and Scratch Resistant

From the look of it, the screen protector glass is like a firm plexi glass. The protective box seems sturdy by itself to protect the glass during shipping. Its surface hardness is 9H which is designed to protect your iPhone against drops, bumps, scratches and normal wear and tear.

The iPhone Screen Protector will give you an instance of a certain buyer who was in a line at a burger joint about to pay. He was holding his wallet and iPhone in one hand, then his iPhone dropped at about chest level. He was so scared to flip it over and see that the screen had cracked, but it wasn’t all thanks to the iPhone screen protector glass.

When your iPhone falls down you don’t need to worry anymore because it is only the screen protector glass that might crack and your iPhone will be in a perfect condition

The screen protector glass also feels smooth hand is extremely smudge resistant.

3) Ultra Thin

 This tempered iPhone screen glass protector takes benefits from both types of old screen protectors and adds additional benefits. The best thing about this particular one is that it is ultra -thin at a thickness of 0.33 mm that it keeps the original glass feel of the iPhone. The touch and sound is perfect and If properly installed, it is essentially invisible.

The iPhone Screen Protector does not interfere in anyway with 3D/Force Touch on the iPhone. It fits your iPhone like it was made for it and covers what it is needs to only to leave just the right amount so your case fits well.

4) Great Packing and content 

A few things to this iPhone screen protector glass is that you get two of them in the box so that if you ruin one, there is another you can use.

It comes with all the materials you need to install, 2 pairs of wet wipes and dry wipes because there are actually two screen protector glasses, a number of sticky tapes that can be used to pick up the little particles of dust that are attracted to the screen via static energy.

5) Exceptional Customer Service

 The company has an A game when dealing with its customers. They are very responsive when one issues a complaint, and If the person is not satisfied with the screen protector glass in a manner that it was faulty. They will apologize and send you a replacement pair for free and this aside from the warranty.

The warranty is exceptionally good, it is a lifetime warranty and has a 30-day money back guarantee. If you purchase this brand you will be sure that they will not leave you high and dry.

6) Easy to install

First thing is to have your screen nice and clean by using the wipes, then you take off the cover of the sticky side of the screen protector and push it down on your iPhone.

The geniuses at amFilm realized that it isn’t easy getting the screen protector glass on perfectly and so they give you tabs to hold on to when placing it on the iPhone so you can line it up before it touches the surface of the iPhone and starts to stick. Since your screen protector glass is stiff, this becomes pretty easy as long as you grasp it by the edges you don’t have to worry about finger prints. You will be able to get it done on the first try unlike the other screen protector glasses that are very hard to reposition.

Bubbles are almost non-existent when following the directions and you have a good coverage of the screen. Use the cardboard card to push the remaining bubbles out if there are any.

7) Value For Your Money

These iPhone screen protector glasses seem every bit as good as the one you pay $22 for. It goes for only $8.

Most of the available ones you only get one but in this case, for the same price same price you get two of the amFilm plus it comes with the lifetime warranty. How cool is that?

iPhone Screen Protector amFilm Tempered_4

Conclusive Recommendation

The iPhone Screen Protector is one of the best values out there for tempered iPhone screen glass protectors. Well, if you have tried other screen protectors and then get this one, you will finally have found one that lives up to its advertising.

The reviews here are derived from its certified purchasers and I can tell you they are level 100 impressed with this product. This should be a wakeup call for you to buy one and give your iPhone the screen protection it deserves.

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