Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear with 19.95$ on Amazon with a saving of 50$

Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear is nothing short of amazing. It has 7 gorgeous transforming colors as well as three settings toggled by the mist button (green/red/off).It also features an auto shut off such that, when water runs out, it automatically shuts itself off. With its most advanced ultrasonic technology it ensures your environment is moisturized, clean and smelling great as well as keeping you safe and healthy. This essential oil diffuser is the real deal that gives you 100% satisfaction in every way.

Who is this Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear ?

1) Recommended for people who are in love with essential oils. This is a really beautiful way to enjoy the essential oil experience.

2). Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear is perfect for your children or babies room to improve their health, breathing and relax them to sleep through aromatherapy.

3).Great in dealing with pet orders and is also safe for them.

4).After a stressful day at work you can use this oil diffuser to help you get a restful sleep so you can throw away all those sleeping pills you have been constantly using.

5). Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear helps a lot with people experiencing dry skin and chapped lips often by moisturizing them.

6).This can be used without the essential oils as a small humidifier to prevent static build up and general dryness in the winter.

7). Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear can be used as a night lamp. There is a whole spectrum of colors that the lamp can cycle through and you can also leave it on a mode where it smooth cycles through colors.

8) Your sinuses will be able to thank you because this is a perfect remedy to end it.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser_2

Why is it worth to buy?

1) 7 Changing mood lights.

InnoGear incorporated pastel colored lights that fade one into another and is controlled by its own switch. You also have the option of leaving it on one color. The color lights of this oil diffuser are perfect and not overbearing at all whether you want a dim light or a brighter illumination.

During the night you can use the LED light to help you maneuver around while you can also use the lighter colors for reading. The soothing rainbow rotating colors works great as a calming jar ‘effect’

2) Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation

Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear is so quiet during its operation which is very imperative when you are trying to sleep at night. Light sleepers need something that is not loud and this is the perfect match for them.

3) Keeps your environment humid and smelling nice

 The essential oil diffuser starts diffusing immediately you set in on. The mist is very fine and fills the room with a nice scent almost instantly. If your condo is small, you can set it on intermittent so that it diffuses for 30 seconds and then shuts off for 30 seconds and can last for about 6 hours. The continuous mode last for about 3 hours.

You don’t have to worry about air fresheners anymore because this essential oil diffuser is able to provide you with sweet scents of your own choice.

There are varieties of essential oils to choose from. Pick a citrus blend for invigorating environment while you do Yoga, pick eucalyptus oil for breathing and cleansing of your sacred space, or pick a relaxing lavender or other calming blend for peaceful addition to your restful sensation. This little oil diffuser packs a serious punch to be so small.

4) Easy to use

Fill the measuring cup with water up to the 100 ml mark then unscrew the top, pour the water and add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Screw back the top and press the button to the right labelled ‘mist’. Press the button once and the oil diffuser will turn on and off periodically in intervals of 30 seconds. Press the ‘mist’ button a second time and the oil diffuser will diffuse constantly for about 3 hours. Press the button labelled ‘light’ for an added effect.

Do not use tap water in this unless, you know your water is not hard. Hard water will clog the base and ultimately ruin the machine in the long run. A lot of people underestimate how destructive water can be. Most essential oil diffusers tend to be complex but this particular is quite simple

5) Well-designed

The 30 second timer is brilliant allowing you to diffuse fragrances without worrying about turning it on/off, it does that automatically for you. You can even turn off the misting completely while having the ambience lighting remain on or turn off the lights while having the mist on.

Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear made the unit with a detachable cord so that when you are cleaning the unit out, the cord is not dangling with a chance of getting damp or wet. Therefore, without a cord it is much easier to maneuver the sink. I love that it is only two pieces (bottom diffuser portion and top/cover/vent portion) and that it comes with a handy pitcher cup. The packaging is also neat and very well organized

Automatic shut off system is another brilliant feature whereby it automatically turns off when the water runs out.

5)Great Customer Service

In case of any issues with your essential oil diffuser you can look for the customer service email of InnoGear and send them an email explaining to them the problems you are having. If your oil diffuser is faulty, they will send you a brand new essential oil diffuser which you will receive in no time.

They also go through customer reviews and advise them on how to use their essential oil diffuser.

6) Quick Diffusion

Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear is strong enough to send out a mist of fragrance using just a few drops of essential oil to cover a huge room putting enough humidity in the air that makes it comfortable to breathe. One can smell a delicate scent as soon as you walk inside the room.


Conclusive & Recommendation

Essential Oil Diffuser from InnoGear has nailed the most effective, most natural oil diffuser. The colors are vibrant and the mist is strong and to top it, is they have the best customer service.

I don’t know what you are waiting for sitting in your couch when you clearly don’t have the InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. This is one of those oil diffusers you immediately fall in love within the first few minutes of use, I bet you will always wish you had it before. Get off your couch and buy this amazing product today.

Amazon Link InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Portable Ultrasonic Diffusers with Color LED Lights Changing and Waterless Auto Shut-off Function for Home Office Bedroom Room, 100 mL

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