The Best Digital Hanging Scale from Etekcity

The best digital hanging  scale from Etekcity is taking over the market with its durability, portability, rubber paint technology and clear and digital LCD display.

To Whom and Where It Is Used For

1) the digital hanging  scale from Etekcity can be used everywhere as it is very portable. Especially at your house or for a trip abroad.
2) I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get accurate and fast weight readings. This is a super simple and super easy scale that will do exactly what you want it to do.
3) If you are looking for a compact scale, Etekcity is for you as it is compact and has a sturdy build with a no slip grip and large, easy to read display. Just 2 buttons to turn it on/off or switch to temp reading and to change the unit of measure.
4) The digital hanging  scale from Etekcity also measures in both lbs and kg for those of you that have units preferences or for when you travel to countries with unit differences.
5) It even comes with batteries for those of you that do not want to scrounge around from one to start using it.
6) If you are having problems with subtracting the weight of your container, it has a useful Tare function to subtract the weight of the container from the total.
7) the digital hanging  scale from Etekcity can accurately measure the temperature inside your house as it has a thermometer built-in which seems like an odd combo, but I guess could come in useful.
8) The digital hanging  scale is awesome to travel with, because it will help ensure that you’re not overweight on any of our bags. No more weighing yourself on the bathroom scale and then weighing yourself again while holding the bag to try and determine weight.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale_1

Why is it worth buying?

1)High-accuracy readings

The best digital hanging scale from Etekcity has a capacity of 110lb or 50kg and a precision accuracy of 0.01lb or0.05kg that ensures its readings especially for hefty weights are of the highest accuracy. So, you think your weights are too very? No problem at all. With Etekcity’s digital hanging scale, you can be rest assured that your readings will be accurate.

2)Awesome Design

The design of Etekcity’s digital hanging scale is the best there is in the market trust me. It is durable and heavy duty to stand the test of time and travel. It is also portable and easy to store at home or in your suitcase. It does not stop there. It has a rubber paint technology and a utilized textured hand-grip. All of these features makes it arguably the best digital hanging scale of 2017.

3)Load lightener

This hanging scale helps you lighten your load as it can hook unto your bags, purses and suitcases for instant and accurate weight measurement that will simplify the way you travel. This will also help you avoid overweight fees.

4)Simple Operation

The hanging scale has a tare feature that helps you easily measure the weight of individual objects as you pack them in your luggage. It also allows you convert between pounds and kilograms while having instant access to current temperature readings to preserve delicate souvenirs from extreme temperatures.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale_2

Conclusion and Recommendation

t]The digital hanging  scale from Eteckcity was one of the best reviewed products and hence I advise you take a gamble and purchase it even when there were other lower priced models. At around $10, it can be considered cheap and affordable since it gives you all you need in a luggage scale and is great value for money.

Finally, verified purchasers of this luggage scale left amazing and convincing reviews of their experiences and promised to come back for more of the scale. All these and more makes Etekcity’s digital hanging luggage the best and most sort after hanging luggage of 2017.

Amazon Link Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale, Rubber Paint, Temperature Sensor, 110 Pounds, Silver

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