DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass -A+ Product!

DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass provides you with full sound and exceptional deeper bass. Its portability, metallic design and long lasting battery makes it your ideal partner to carry around. It features the Bluetooth 4.0 technology that offers broad compatibility allowing you to instantly connect to your smart devices. Its great touch control ensures you have an easy time controlling your speaker anytime, anywhere. You have every reason in the world to have this little guy in your back pack. DOSS really demonstrated their exceptional capabilities with this device.



To whom, and where  is it used for?

1).One can use it for his/her car as a hands free device for your smartphone.

2).Good enough for three or four people sitting around on a Saturday night with snacks and conversation.

3).A good Bluetooth speaker for small and medium rooms. Listening to music through this speaker is very enjoyable, it is able to fill the room.

4).If you want a durable lasting speaker for your home then this is a very good choice for you.

5).Recommended for people looking for a nice Bluetooth portable speaker on a small budget. Goes for only $34

6).You can also use it with phone calls, it pretty much works like a charm. The inbuilt microphone gives good sound on calls when the cellphone is paired to the speaker.

7) The Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker is perfect for travel, with its great portability carry it with you on trips and hotels, you can now take the sound of DOSS sound box with you anywhere.

Why it is worth to buy?

1) Capacitive touch control and great design

The touch notes are intuitive and easy to use without glitching out even when your fingers are dirty from work. It lights up with a pretty cool white/blue interface but you can turn off the lights if you want to. It basically reminds you of the classic iPod with volume, mode and skipping tracks. It is easy to control the mood and energy of any part by giving you a fingertip control of the tracks you are playing. You can adjust the volume in style with the top ring of the Bluetooth speaker. Clockwise rotation to increase the volume and anti-clockwise rotation to decrease.

The packaging is excellent, safe and neat. The instructions are very clear and both aux and charging cables are included. The design of this Bluetooth portable speaker is rather classy, fitting with a wide range of furniture. Other than the mesh grill, the rest of the chassis uses plastic, which seems well put together.

2) Bluetooth 4.0 technology

The Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker is equipped with advanced technology, connects via Bluetooth to all devices (Mac, iPhone, Android) with no problem and is quick and very easy. It is totally smooth pairing and far ranging, it can reach from your house where the phone is to the pool and radio. A good thing is that it automatically reconnects to the last device used/

3) Wireless and Portable

This Bluetooth portable Speaker is small and practical but it packs a punch, you can walk, bike, hike and travel with especially with its waterproof travel pouch. You also don’t have to worry about wires hanging all over since it is wire free.

4) Loud Volume and Good balanced HD sound

The Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker puts out a stunning big and HD sound with its 12W full-bodied stereo realized through dual high performance drivers and unique bass. When in a foot boat, even with a 50 HP motor directly behind you, one can still hear it over a 4 stroke Yamaha engine.

Set it at ½ volume it is still loud enough, you can hear clearly in a little two bedroom home. The sound is warm, round, crisp and clear at almost all volumes. As far as bass goes, it is about what you would expect for a small speaker. The bass lines are full and positioning the speaker in front of a wall enhances the bass.

The Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker has fair amounts of lows and mid-range compared to other Bluetooth speakers in the price range You tube and Netflix movies are very enjoyable when heard through this Bluetooth portable speaker.

5) Micro SD card slot

 This one of the favorite features. You can load up many of your favorite artists on a 16GB micro SD card and you don’t have to drain your cell phone using Bluetooth. The micro SD card is very valuable in places where there cell phones loose signal, it actually solves this issue and actually sounds better than Bluetooth.

6) Long lasting battery

The battery works very well as you don’t have to charge it that often. You can easily get a full weekend out of a fully charged battery and can go for a few weeks if using at home.

The power consumption of the unit is low enough, you can leave it powered all the time via an included USB cord. An amazing thing is a voice comes on to tell you when it needs to be charged. It generally gives you a long play time.


7).Superb Customer Service

 In case your Bluetooth portable speaker comes with an annoying voice announcing feature, do not hesitate to contact the DOSS customer service. They will give you a firmware update to remove it and give you very precise instructions on how to install it.

If you device is faulty you can also contact them, they will immediately offer a free replacement for you.


The Bluetooth portable speakers are very durable and will survive several numerous drops and bumps which is more than you will experience from other Bluetooth speakers. You can feel by its weight that it is well put together.

Conclusive & Recommendation

The Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker would certainly be the coolest addition to your home electronics. You can now enjoy your music with a full-bodied stereo that gives you the best music experience with less than 1% harmonic distortion that provides you with clarity and fidelity.

The reviews of the DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass here are derived from its verified purchasers who after using the product were very pleased and a lot of them became frequent purchasers of the device. Trust your gut on this one and get yourself one.

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