Interior Car Detail Duster |Carrand 97372AS AutoSpa| Very Nice!

Carrand AutoSpa Interior car Duster is converting the manner in which cleansing merchandise are used by expertise in need for innovation, design, functionality, and quality in every product they make. Their attention has been and will continually remain on growing break-through ideas to build value for each customer. These core ideas have laid the foundation for his or her persevered boom and their continuously evolving list of innovations. Carrand’s Interior Duster uses long chenille microfiber to grab dust from all facets, making it perfect for cup holders and pockets. The molded take care of combines comfort with easy use.

Carrand 97372AS AutoSpa Interior Car Detail Duster_2

who is this Interior Car Detail Duster for ? 

  • Due to the location, the car seems to be very dusty. I purchased this to keep in the door and figure I’ll use it whenever I notice it getting dusty at a stop light, or in a drive-through line. I used it right after it was delivered and while its not’s quite as adept at dusting as a California Car Duster, it works well and was inexpensive. Additionally the shape of this duster lends itself well to storing easily in my vehicles door pocket.)
  • It works much better. It is excellent at cleaning out cup holders and other tiny spots, which always accumulate dust. I have also used this after I have applied Armor All Protectorate to my dash. I use a mitt to apply the protectorate, which leaves tiny dust in the vents; this item quickly cleans up the dust left by the mitt. I was under the (false) impression that the handle was longer. 6″ is too short – and I have long arms. I overestimated the length of 6″. I do like, however, its compact size. I keep it in my driver’s side door panel, so I can use it before each trip.
  • It works perfectly, not only for the inside but also found out that it also works great for the exterior and does a much better job than a larger duster. This little duster picked up some dust that the larger duster just moved around. This duster is very fluffy and dense so there’s no way to damage the vehicle with the handle. The other larger duster I never use because I fear I might damage the vehicle with a not well protected handle. Glad I got this one. It is a quality duster indeed

Carrand 97372AS AutoSpa Interior Car Detail Duster_3

Why is it worth to buy?

1.Effective Cleaning

Amazing little car duster that cleans the dashboard, gauges, radio & all control in two minutes.

2.Soft and durable microfiber

This unique and portable car duster has a soft and durable chenille microfiber that helps to remove dust from all facet and keeps the surface neat.

3.Light and handy

It’s portable, small enough to store in the vehicle and not heavy to use.

4.Excellent wheel cleaner

The interior duster is also works perfectly well when used to wash the wheels of my car. It’s excellent for going deep into the wheel wells to remove the brake dust. The microfiber sleeve comes off for easy cleaning. Underneath, attached to the wand, is a piece of dense foam that fits perfectly into the sleeve. I don’t put the microfiber sleeve into the dryer, as microfiber tends to deteriorate with exposure to heat.

5.Holds on to dust and easy to shake off

Gets all the dust and junk out of the vents in my car, as well as the weird steering wheel fabric, the dashboard and the center console down between the seats. Holds on to dust and is easy to shake all the crap out when you are done with it.

Conclusive recommendation

Carrand 97372AS AutoSpa Interior Car Duster is known to be effective in it’s specifications, which makes it convinent to use in any condition, It is dynamic in structure which makes it recommended for indoor and outdoor use.

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