OBD2 Bluetooth |BAFX Products 34t5| Works on All Vehicles Located in the USA 1996 & Newer!

OBD2 Bluetooth from BAFX Products connects to your 1996 or more modern OBD2 compliant automobiles after which may be synced through Bluetooth with your Android based phone / notepad or Windows Computer to ship and receive vehicle facts all vehicles sold in the USA after 1996 must be OBD2 compliant and our OBD reader will work with them all.BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII_2

Who is this OBD2 Bluetooth for?

  1. When you have a diagnosis of P0420 code that your car had been throwing intermittently for about 6 months. You had it scanned at an auto parts store and got the initial code, but to get a definite diagnosis you would have had to take it to the shop for $45 an hour. With this OBD2 Bluetooth you can do all the same things for a fraction of the cost.
  1. Use this with the free MPG plug-in to track your mileage! You able to determine that your car can get a bizarre 34 MPG highway at 72 MPH. It’s EPA rating is 27 MPG highway, so needless to say you can be hated if are slowing someone down on the highway, but that’s the highway speed for the remainder of your car’s life.
  1. When the engine light is on. You will be nervous and nowhere to find clue, with The Torque app on your phone, plugged the scan tool into you car, sync’d the bluetooth connection, and pulled the codes that were thrown. Took all of 2 minutes. And you will have a list of codes to show the dealer so they can replace the throttle actuator (a known problem with cars). Without this tool, you’d just be guessing at the problem and relying on the dealer to tell me the truth.
  1. If you are a lifelong mechanic and this features do everything you need it ! it is a very good compliment to expensive shop scanners and saves time when it’s just a small issue. It is recommended for any hot rodder or whoever!

Why isĀ this OBD2 Bluetooth Worthy?

1).Works faster

Works much better and faster than a cheap $8 version. Uses Torque lite (free app) unless you buy the $5 app. Pairs quickly and quick links to the net for a description of the code. Also connects quickly to use auto displays for speed, RPM etc.

2).Diagnosis / monitoring

Very effective for detecting engine problem, and used to monitor the vehicle performance, such as the Throttle, Boost, Speed Fuel Trim and much more.

3).Easy Set-up

Super smooth setup! Connects to your Android cellphone/tablet or Windows PC through the use of a 3rd celebration app. App value degrees from $0 – $5 & as much as $60 for strong point apps relying to your desires. Contact BAFX Products for advocating apps.

4).High connectivity

With the torque pro app I was able to quickly pull information from all of my cars sensors, it connects and refreshes very quickly I’ve left it plugged in all week and haven’t noticed any battery drain. Setting it up was really simple.

Conclusive recommendation

OBD2 Bluetooth from the BAFX Products adapter will last longer, provides you with a stronger connection, offer a better data transfer rate and work smoother on all cars than many of its competitors. When used with Android or Windows-based software this OBDII scan tool, can retrieve hassle codes, reset, then take a look at engine mild and read many records no longer available with regular scan tools, You can monitor things inclusive of O2 sensor readings, EOT, Revs, Throttle, Boost, speed fuel trim and much more. When used with positive software program you could additionally take a look at your emissions readiness, tune your 0-60MPH, 1/four & 1/8 Mile times plus greater.

Further to Know:BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices

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