Boxer Brief|Hanes Men’s 5-Pack Ultimate FreshIQ| I Went Home to Put These on and Went back to Work

The best Boxer Brief from Hanes Men’s 5-Pack Ultimate FreshIQ provides you with the best comfort and fit with its ultra-soft comfort fabric and tag free to keep your skin from irritation. The leg bands are outstanding because of their inability to ride up. Features well-made flex waistbands to ensure they keep shape after every wash. The best part is that they come in a 5 pack and are very cheap. This is the ultimate boxer for every man.

Hanes Men's 5-Pack Ultimate FreshIQ Boxer Brief_2


 The Hanes Boxer Brief has elastic bands around the bottom to keep it from bunching up. Moreover, comes with a boxer brief closure in order for one to use the bathroom conveniently. The boxer Brief is designed with a FreshIQ advanced odor protection technology that attacks the odor-causing bacteria in your clothing that causes your underwear to smell. A good Features is the Premium Comfort Flex Waistband with no pinching and binding.


The Boxer Brief material is made of 1OO% ring-spun cotton which feels super-soft and warm at the same time. The solids are made of cotton while the heathers are made of Cotton/Polyester,


The Hanes Boxer Brief are worn along with all types of trousers and shorts, whether jeans or kaki’s, they all fit perfect .One gets an all day, every day comfy feel.

Who is this Hanes Boxer Brief for?

 1). If you are slender you don’t have to worry if they will be too big for you they will fit just fine. They fit all sizes perfectly provided you select the right size.

2).Good to wear to the gym. The boxers will help you do sit ups or exercises very easily and the colors are neutral, they will blend well with your exercise shorts.

3).The Hanes Boxer Brief is good for playing tennis. Other types of boxers ride up and are uncomfortable during play but these are quite comfortable.

4).They are perfect for fitted jeans and slacks.

5).Great to pair with all types of shorts. The Hanes Boxer Brief is short enough not to show when wearing shorts.

6). A good boxer brief for women to wear also. It is not too bunchy in the front for females to wear, instead of the ones made for women to. They are so much comfortable like other women’s underwear.

7).If you have an athletic build then the Hanes Boxer Brief is definitely a good boxer for you since many boxer briefs tend to ride up in athletic built bodies.

8) They are good for swimming on mountain lakes and give you a comfortable swim.

Why is this Hanes Boxer Brief worthy ?

1) Perfect fit

The Boxer Brief fabric is comfortable with enough stretch to be supportive. The waistband does not bind up or fold over as you might find on other boxer brands. These boxers don’t have long legs as some other boxer briefs.

It is not super thick but is soft. The elastic at the bottom of the leg is snug but not uncomfortable. The leg openings seem to be just right and don’t pinch out like a tourniquet.

The Hanes Boxer Brief have no ridges or lines in the fabric on the backside. A great thing is they do not tear you can easily bend down or lay over and not worry about it tearing. They fit so well, you hardly know that you are wearing them. It is not just a balloon material but actually has some shape. If you also tend to have sizeable thighs you also don’t need to worry because this will fit perfectly without being tight.

2) Comfortable

 The Hanes Boxer Briefs are so soft and comfortable. They offer the support of briefs with the freedom and non-butt crack rigidness .The Tag-less design eliminates annoying tag itch.

You experience no ‘ride up’ in the legs or crotch with the Hanes Boxer Brief. The best part is the re-sealable bag they come in which makes you keep them fresh all day. Working in a warehouse or motorcycle industry you will never have that all day adjusting because of bunching or pinching.

The Hanes Boxer Brief are a little warmer, breath well and are a bit cooler. There are no hems around the bottoms of the leg that irritate you when sitting.

3) Amazing colors

 The Hanes Boxer Brief come in a wide range of colors black, charcoal, grey, blue and whatever colors that would suit you.

There are also neutral colors in the pack so you can wear them with anything without worrying about having bright colors being seen. The colors also don’t bleed out despite several washes.

4) Durable and Great wash

They maintain their hold which is a very important thing unlike many normal boxers which get flimsy in the first week you wear them. They also maintain their fabric for a very long time.

They are very durable can last up to five years or so before the elastic starts to fall. The five years include washing hot and tumble drying hot. The elastic feels quite sturdy

The Hanes Boxer Briefs go through washing numerous times and hold up with no or little noticeable shrinkage. They still fit perfectly and keep their size after washing.

5) Cheap price

 Why pay a lot more for designer brand boxer briefs. Pricewise you can’t beat the 5 pack. An excellent boxer worth every coin more than the competing boxer brands. They go for between $17-39.


 For the best Boxer Brief from Hanes Men’s 5-Pack Ultimate FreshIQ, I can’t think of any reason why anyone will not buy. Everything you will ever need in a boxer is provided for you. You are guaranteed comfort every time you wear this boxer.

The reviews here are derived from its verified purchasers who after purchase gave positive feedbacks while others became frequent purchasers of the boxer.

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