T-shirt|Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay Tucked Crew| Perfect Undershirt

T-shirt from Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay Tucked Crew is a wonderful cotton shirt with an outstanding fit and incredible smoothness to give you a comfortable feel all day, every day. The T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton and is Tag free to prevent you from skin irritation. They come in a pack of 6 to give you an extended wardrobe. This is a definite must have t-shirt for every man; you should not miss this in your wardrobe.

Fruit of the Loom Men's T-Shirt_1  


The T-shirt is a pack of ‘stay tucked’ with their long length. The cut is not too wide or too slim, the crew neck lines and the openings are a very good size. A loose neck with lay-flat sleeves that won’t bulge under shirts. The fit is perfect, designed not to be too large and not too snug either. It is a nice t-shirt that is true to its designation


The T-shirt is basically made of 100% cotton. The material has a mixture of softness, thinness and length. This Fruit of Loom T-shirt is quite light but not excessively so.


They are great shirts to wear under your dress shirts during the day. You can also pair them with jeans or shorts to give it a casual look. One can also choose not to tuck it and let the T-shirt hang with their long structure to give it a dress shirt kind of design. Fruit of the Loom Men's T-Shirt_4

Who is this T-shirt for?

 1). Recommended as underwear shirts. You can wear them inside your top shirts or t-shirts.

2). This a win for tall people considering how long this Fruit of Loom t-shirts are.

4). Great for people who love tucking in shirts. This is definitely a good pick for you. They are quite long and stay tucked throughout the day.

5). If you wear undershirts alone and don’t want to waste money, then you should consider T-shirt because they are quite inexpensive.

6). A good shirt to wear around the house. If it is sleeping with them or relaxing, the Fruit of the Loom Tucked Crew T-shirt will give you the coziness you deserve.

7). It is a good shirt for people who have problems with keeping their undershirts tucked all day on a regular basis.

8.) People with long chest/torso have an advantage with T-shirt since they have plenty of room to do whatever you want without the shirt rising.

9). A good shirt for a beach day because of its relatively lightweight.

Why is this T-Shirt worthy?

1) Perfect fit

The sleeve size of the Fruit of the Loom Tucked Crew T-shirt is pretty small. This is important if you wear a lot of polo t-shirt as you don’t want the sleeve of your undershirt sticking out so it does not bunch around your waistband.

The length is just right, the t-shirt stops around the crouch area and the sleeves fall around the middle biceps. They definitely stay tucked in and fit just closes enough to not feel confined, yet not too bulky to feel like you have too many layers on.

The T-shirt have a fit tight without constricting .One should pay attention to the size chart to get the right size for you. It does run long but this is actually a real plus as it leaves enough extra material so that as the shirt inevitably rides up a bit when worn under other layers, it leaves more freedom to readjust.

2) Comfy

The Fruit of the Loom Tucked Crew T-shirt are tag less to prevent itching. The material is thin but does the job. As undershirts they keep sweat off your outer shirts during your busy day schedule. This Fruit of Loom t-shirts stay tucked in well under business clothes so you can have an easy time running your day-to-day errands.

Some people have had to wear t-shirts where some had large necks and longer sleeves which would stick out past short sleeved shirts, others had shorter sleeves but higher small necks and made them look very funny and feel uncomfortable but this Fruit of Loom t-shirts give you no problems. They are also broad enough and lie just right, not off the shoulder rear and down the arm.

3) Durable and good wash

 The Fruit of the Loom Tucked Crew T-shirt arrive well packaged and undamaged. Within several months of wearing these t-shirts they stay pretty soft. The necks do not stretch out even after several wears.

The Fruit of the Loom Tucked Crew T-shirt experience no shrinkage or change in softness after numerous washes and the thinner fabric helps it to dry very fast. The Fruit of Loom T-shirts should be washed on delicate or some equivalent setting so that you do not spoil them. There also no cases of piling or loose strings when washing these t-shirts

4) Cheap price

They have quite a reasonable price and a definite great value for what you paid for. You get 6 shirts for a price of $35.95.This is little money to pinch out of your pockets.


Conclusive Recommendation

You can’t really go wrong with a plain white cotton shirt. The fit and length are good for you and last as long as one would expect.

The T Shirts are definitely one of the best t-shirts you will ever purchase. I will highly recommend this t-shirts for any man looking for comfortable inexpensive t-shirts. What are you waiting for? Get yourself the Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay Tucked Crew T-shirt today.

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